Chongqing Collaborative Innovation Planning Exhibition Center


  • 业主Chongqing Liangjiang Collaborative Innovation Zone Construction Investment Development Co., Ltd.
  • 状态建设中 / 2019
  • 类型Culture
  • 城市重庆
  • 面积3,602m2

The intersection of the Jialing River and the Yangtze River brings out the unique Chongqing culture, and the intersection of the two rivers has become the most recognizable symbol and label of Chongqing. The project is located in the south of the collaborative innovation zone, west of Huanhu Road, north of Wuheng Line, and east of Xihu Road. This design plot covers an area of ​​approximately 25 mu. The proposed site is the commanding heights in the core area of ​​6.8 square kilometers of the collaborative innovation zone. It is a protruding platform. The east side of the site is a cliff wall, and the west side is dominated by gentle hills. The space of the entire site is varied. We choose the shape of the intersection of two rivers as the graphic text and introduce it into the site.

The image of the intersection of two rivers governs the entire building. It is not only the overall structural system of the building, but also the core space inside the building. The shape of the two rivers creates a natural and romantic curved outline for the building. The whole building is made of white concrete, which is a pure white sculpture among green water and green mountains.

The total construction area of ​​the project is 3802 square meters, including functions such as a comprehensive exhibition hall, conference room, and coffee shop. It is a window for the collaborative innovation zone to focus on external publicity and display, presenting the grand planning blueprint and construction vision of the collaborative innovation zone with diversified means, and is an important public cultural node of the entire collaborative innovation zone. While providing a newer, better and more future exhibition experience, the exhibition center building itself should be highly recognizable and become an important cultural symbol of the Liangjiang Collaborative Innovation Zone.