Chongqing Incineration Power Plant No.3


  • 业主重庆三峰百果园环保发电有限公司
  • 状态已建成 / 2015-2019
  • 类型Industrial
  • 城市重庆市
  • 面积110,628m2

The base is located in the Baiguoyuan of Qingbo Village, Xihu Town, Jiangjin District, with beautiful mountains and fruit trees. Our strategy is to preserve the original landscape.

Through the study of the climate environment in the base area, especially the wind direction, we have clearly divided the interface of the factory area, and also used this division to control different functional flow lines and correspond to different landscape forms.

To the east of the autonomous plant interface is an industrial landscape, which mainly solves the pollution logistics line in the plant area. The artificial landscape between the main factory building and the dormitory office area is the main activity area for visiting and office personnel. The west side of the dormitory office area is a natural landscape. The original natural form of the site is retained, and the height difference of the site is used to form an idyllic scene of scattered courtyards.

The scale of the main plant is one of the largest single plant in the world so far. We let this magnificent building volume echo the mountain shape and form an image of an industrial building with local cultural characteristics. The dormitory office area learns from the local traditional living space, forming a landscaped building group combining earth-covering and hanging feet.